Are you ready to take your wind turbine safety expertise to new heights? The **Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Advanced Rescue Training (ART) and Enhanced First Aid (EFA) courses will help you get there.

Advanced Rescue Training (ART)

What is ART? 

ART is a comprehensive training program designed to equip technicians with the skills needed to access and rescue injured individuals from various parts of a wind turbine. Whether it's the hub, nacelle, tower, or basement section, ART ensures that you're prepared for any emergency situation.

Why ART?

  • Life-Saving Expertise: Professional responders won't always have the resources to climb a turbine and perform a rescue. ART bridges this gap by providing specialised training for technicians
  • Risk Mitigation: When lives are at stake, every second counts. ART minimizes response time and maximizes the chances of successful rescue
  • Industry Recognition: GWO-certified ART technicians are highly valued in the wind energy sector

Enhanced First Aid (EFA)

What is EFA?

EFA takes first aid to the next level. It goes beyond basic skills, teaching you how to stabilise a casualty during potentially life-threatening situations. From trauma to illness, EFA prepares you to be a confident first responder.

Why EFA?

  • Critical Moments: Wind turbine technicians often work in remote areas where immediate medical assistance isn't readily available. EFA empowers you to take charge and stabilise a casualty until professional help arrives
  •    Leadership in a Crisis: Gain the skills to lead in emergency situations. EFA ensures that you're not just a bystander but an active lifesaver
  •    Industry Demand: Employers recognise the value of EFA-certified technicians who can handle emergencies effectively

If you need a refresher, we can help with that too!

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