No.! We don't charge the candidates or the companies. This is all free of charge, we do this to encourage personal growth and development for all candidates - which will eventually lead to higher earnings. We also aim to enhance the quality of technicians available for employment for our core business over at Rigg Access.

This is a win-win situation for everyone.

We are constantly adjusting the course categories, they increase in number every couple of weeks.

This one is easy.! Once you have selected your preferred course type and location the system automatically sends a pre-formatted message to all training companies in that region. You save time by not having to manually search for each company then contact them separately.

All companies know this so are keen to offer their best price to retain your business - competition is good as it keeps a check on prices. You can also achieve discounts by booking training for more than one person, have a mate looking at a rigging course for example? Get a price for both of you combined. Same applies for booking more than one course type with the same trainer, they often discount the second course.

This is up to each individual company, the vast majority of companies can accept most common forms of payment. Most companies will require refundable deposit for more expensive course types.

Yes, just select the amount of candidates from the drop down list. Most companies will offer a discount for multiple persons booking on the same course.

Yes, we welcome all new additions. If you provide any type of training listed on this page then feel free to start the simple registration process. CLICK HERE for the sign up page you need:

Yes, we can add almost any type of training course to our system, if you offer it we can list it. Just contact us with the titles you would like added and let us do the rest.